Message from the President

Welcome to Sahayatri Nepal. Our organization was established in Makwanpur district in 2011 with the mission "To empower and aid marginalized and excluded groups of women in order to encourage equality and awareness." In Nepal, women are at a disadvantage in society due to a long history of gender inequality and discrimination. We focus on providing help to marginalized groups of women such as slum communities, lower-caste and ethnic village communities, and single women (widows) through empowerment activities, education and vocational skills training. By educating women about topics such as health and human rights as well as giving them skills to earn an independent source of income, we can empower women to be more self-sufficient and confident.

One of the primary tasks of our organization is to provide an education to the children of marginalized women to improve the future of their families. We match needy children from poor families with a sponsor, who will fund his or her education at a high-quality private school (which provides much better opportunities than the public schools in Nepal). These children, without the help of their sponsors, would never have the opportunity for an education because of extreme poverty. Education opens up many doors for these children which can lead to a more successful future by preparing them for a career, which will improve the family's situation.  

Education is important not only for individuals and families, but also for our nation of Nepal. Education lays the foundation for a stronger nation. By educating youth, we are giving them a voice. In school they gain knowledge about the world and important problems, and they can learn ways to make positive changes through developing their creativity and ingenuity. We hope that our students, coming from a poor and disadvantaged background, will be especially motivated to achieve great things with the amazing opportunity that has been given to them.  

In order to achieve our goals and expand our projects to aid more disadvantaged women and children, we are in need of additional help. You can make a difference by sponsoring a child's education, donating money for projects such as vocational skills training for widows, donating items such as school supplies or technology, or becoming a volunteer here in Nepal. We welcome any form of help that you can provide, so that we may work together to make Nepal a better place.  

Thank you very much!

Abha Shrestha
President, Sahayatri Nepal

Awards and recognition received by Ms. Abha Shrestha for her hardwork and dedication to the betterment of society.
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