Internship Opportunities

Sahayatri Nepal firmly believes that the path to a bright future for Nepal requires investment in the prosperity and wellbeing of the nation’s girls and young women. The intern will serve as a va

luable asset in creating evidence based programs, efficaciously utilizing time and minimal resources, assisting with pre-test and post-test program evaluations, and coordinating with Nepali volunteers charged with implementing the programs. As the or...

Trekathon Success

Starting on October 23, 2015, three members of Sahayatri Nepal’s intern and volunteer crew embarked on the Annapurna Circuit. Using the platform gofundmeand spreading the word to family, friends,

and public interest groups via personal messages and social media, this Trekathonraised over $2,000 USD by the time the trek was completed on November 12! Suggested donations included per kilometer, per mile, per meter of elevation gained, and per d...


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