Internship Opportunities

Sahayatri Nepal firmly believes that the path to a bright future for Nepal requires investment in the prosperity and wellbeing of the nation’s girls and young women. The intern will serve as a valuable asset in creating evidence based programs, efficaciously utilizing time and minimal resources, assisting with pre-test and post-test program evaluations, and coordinating with Nepali volunteers charged with implementing the programs. As the organization aims to serve marginalized groups of women and girls, the primary emphasizes of these prevention- based programs is through providing education related to health and human rights and raising collective awareness. The intern will be living and working directly with Abha Shrestha, Sahayatri’s President, who through years of dedicated experience has fostered the empowerment of young women and survivors of sex trafficking.

To enhance the sustainability of Sahayatri Nepal programs, fundraising for program implementation, program evaluation, and organizational costs prior to the internship is essential. Additionally, experience in grant writing for expanding the scope of Sahayatri Nepal’s work (e.g. hiring additional field staff, creating promotional materials, recruiting participants and engaging community gatekeepers, and mandatory trainings) is a highly desirable trait in aspiring applicants.


Age requirement: 18+ years of age for international interns or 21+ years of age for Nepali citizens

Time requirement: 1 month minimum time commitment with the option of extension at the time of acceptance and/or once in Nepal with approval of President Abha Shrestha.

Required qualifications: Bachelors degree in health and human services, social science, or related field, currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program or technical school, or 2+ years of work experience with marginalized or high-risk women and youth.

Preferred background in:

  • Community Health, Human Services, Social Work, Public Health, Rural Development, Sustainable Development, and/or Education
  • Computer skills 
  • Previous international experience working, volunteering, interning, or living abroad
  • Experience working in resource-limited settings
  • Creativity and efficiency in program delivery on a minimal budget

Accommodation: $100 USD per month. Alternatively, if the applicant can successfully fundraise $1,000 USD or more per month of intended stay in Nepal (as is strongly encouraged by previous volunteers, interns, and current staff) accommodation will be FREE.

Additional Costs: Interns will not be given a stipend during their stay; excursions and personal expenses must be covered by the individual.



Please attach a resume or CV along with a cover letter answering the following prompts:

  • Why are you interested in interning with Sahayatri Nepal?
  • What kind of internship work would you like to do (e.g. health education, trafficking prevention programs, vocational trainings, proposal writing, etc.)?
  • What makes you qualified for the work you wish to do?

Please submit the Intern Application Form:

  • Download and email the completed form to Abha Shrestha at
  • You will be contacted by Abha Shrestha, President of Sahayatri Nepal, as soon as possible upon submitting this form to discuss further details.

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