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Sahayatri Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) working to empower marginalized and excluded women with a focus on single women (widows) and vulnerable community members. The organization was established in the Makawanpur District in 2011 and is not affiliated with any religious or political organizations. This organization focuses on creating and initiating local and sustainable activities and education for the communities in which we work.

Sahayatri Nepal works with disadvantaged female community members and their children for their educational support in an effort to empower them through awareness on topics such as human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, health and hygiene, women's rights, caste discrimination and domestic violence. The organization aims to provide vocational skills training to help women in the community generate income through sustainable means to become more independent.  A portion of our funding goes towards sending underprivileged children to get a quality education at boarding school. These children come from impoverished families and without our support would not receive an education. 


Currently, the organization is based in Kathmandu and programs focus on women's health and human rights in disadvantaged communities, in an effort to prevent human rights violations.

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